Museum Helmond

Safety protocol for the reopening of museums

Museum Helmond wants to ensure that its visitors visit the museum safely and that its employees can work there safely and in a responsible manner. After all, nothing beats the sensory experience of “the real encounter” with art and heritage. To this end, a protocol for the safe and responsible reopening of museums has been drawn up by the Museum Association, to which Museum Helmond also complies. The Museum Association is the trade association of more than 400 museums in the Netherlands.

Why a protocol?

The aim of the protocol for safe and responsible reopening of museums is that visitors can safely enter the museum. And that volunteers, employees and suppliers who do not belong to the risk groups of the Corona virus can safely do their work in the museum. The measures in the protocol are intended to prevent new infections with the Corona virus and to limit the consequences.

Guidelines for your museum visit

Have a look at these important conditions for our visitors:

  • Do not leave home if you have health complaints. Visitors are welcome if they and their housemates are at least 24 hours free of health issues.
  • It is only allowed to come to the museum with more than 1 person if they live together in one household.
  • Visitors are in possession of a valid (online) reservation in advance with a valid admission ticket for the day
  • and the time slot (fixed start time) on which is booked. It is not yet possible to visit the museum without a reservation.
  • Pay as much as possible with pin or contactless (pin or mobile).
  • Group tours and group packages are not yet taking place.
  • Taking photos or video recordings is (for the time being) not allowed.
  • Keep a meter and a half away from visitors who do not belong to their own company.
  • Always follow hygiene measures.
  • Always follow the directions of museum staff and volunteers.